Staff Spotlight on Bridget Robinson, MSW, LSW for Social Worker Month in March

Bridget Robinson serves as a Crisis Engagement Coordinator and has been with HelpLine since 2022. She is also a licensed social worker with a Master of Social Work from the University of Utah.

Why did you choose social work as a career?
I chose social work because of the versatility of the field. Social workers are trained to be generalists. We have a spectrum of skills ranging from the ability to offer direct therapeutic services like therapy to macro-level systemic advocacy and policy creation. In community-level social work, we often intervene with people who need assistance, to not only cope with an emotional crisis but to also navigate the imperfect system that provides a safety net. This crossover between individual advocacy and working toward local systemic change is where I have found I can do the most good and feel the most productive. In this career path, I’ve been able to work with juvenile offenders, families experiencing a medical crisis, hospice, perinatal mental health, advocacy, and now crisis engagement. Social work is a uniquely broad range of practice that can grow with someone as they develop new professional interests and explore available opportunities.
What is your favorite thing about working at HelpLine?
My favorite thing about HelpLine is the culture of respect for our consumers and program participants. Our people have often struggled with life challenges and lack self-worth while being fed messages of rejection from our greater society. The way we talk about and regard them matters. It means a lot to work with people who respect individuals in their struggles and trauma.
How do you practice self-care?
I enjoy a variety of self-care activities including scuba diving, reading non-fiction, painting with watercolors, and learning new skills. I love a good project and any excuse to buy a new power tool. On weekends I can often be found caring for my farm animals, including a sweet, old, blind horse, 6 sheep, chickens, and turkeys.
What is the best advice you ever received?
 Approach everyone you meet with compassion; they are all coping with more than you know.