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HelpLine is the community’s only comprehensive 24/7 resource, we are the go-to for supporting and empowering change. Our highly-trained specialists offer compassionate support to anyone in crisis or in need of information through our free, 24/7 hotline, connecting people with the right community resources. HelpLine serves eight counties in North Central Ohio: Delaware, Morrow, Crawford, Wyandot, Union, Logan, Shelby and Miami.

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Need to talk? Struggling in your relationships? Financial stress weighing you down? Our 24/7 crisis hotline and textline provides help when you need it the most. Call today at 740.369.3316 or 419.947.2520 or 1.800.684.2324, or text helpline to 898211.

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I have been privileged over the past few years to participate in a unique community program, Sages and Seekers, that pairs high school students and senior members (60s and older) of the community. The program is held in the school, as part of a sociology class. Over the 9 weeks we are together, we have conversation, one on one, and at the end of the session, the kids present a paper on what they have learned from conversation with their particular Sage. In truth, I feel as though I have  learned so much about myself and about my own, rather quirky, life journey. Initially, I hesitated to participate, thinking the organizers probably expected the kind of mentoring the kids get, starting in middle school, about college and career and all that (what do you want to do when you grow up?) ... and in spite of all the standard intentions, my own life unfolded in unexpected ways. So I decided to wade in, be myself, a voice of "life is what happens when you are busy making other plans..." as John Lennon so aptly observed; a voice I might have appreciated hearing, back when I was setting out.

Pam Spence

Sages & Seekers Volunteer

You are such an important service to the community of Delaware. You help people in so many ways. The work that you do really helps others. Especially those that feel lonely and have many problems to deal with.

Hotline Department

I don’t always get back to you but it’s nice to have the messages and have someone check if I’m ok.

Crisis Engagement Coordination Program

You guys helped me out a lot and put my mind where i needed it to be." He stated he went to the hospital after calling but then realized he didn't want to be there. He stated being there "put some things in perspective as far as using alcohol and marijuana not getting me where I wanna be." He reported he has a stigma against medication and those who use it being "lesser" but he has realized that "really it pulls you through the dark times.

Crisis Engagement Coordination Program

The ability to feel SAFE and that I BELONG. I have felt so outcast and different, that I didn’t fit in anywhere. With this group my opinion counts, whether I choose to share or not, or I ramble on because I’m passionate about something, I am accepted for who I am, in the space I am, whatever mood I am in. I learned some new concepts, and heard multiple opinions on different topics. I heard people crying for help, and heard them get it, and the help they got helped me too. I have some new methods to help me in days ahead to get stronger, and less reliant on old patterns that don’t serve me.

SARN Workshop Participant

I got to learn more about depression and suicide when we had the presentation, the presenter did really good.

Suicide Prevention

Signs of Suicide Presentation – Hyatts Middle School (Student Responses)