Guardians for Good Award


2022 Guardians for Good Award

Guardians for Good is a community that is open to anyone who supports HelpLine through sponsorship, service or social activism within our eight-county service territory.

By leveraging our passion, intellectual and financial resources, we bring about change through the power of community. Guardians for Good derives its strength from integrating the expertise and energy of its members. Ultimately, Guardians will contribute to the overall financial health and wealth of HelpLine that could otherwise not be achieved; helping ensure that the organization remains a viable and sustainable today and tomorrow.

The Guardians for Good Award is presented annually to an individual or organization within the HelpLine service territory that has demonstrated superior advocacy, sponsorship and support, exemplify HelpLine values that propel the organization toward achieving its mission/vision.

Nominations for the 2022 Guardians for Good Award is now open.  The custom designed award will be presented at the 4th Annual Guardians for Good Luncheon, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022. Nominations can be self-made or by a third party.  Click here to complete the award nomination form and email it to HelpLine Executive Director, Sue Hanson at on or before Friday, Nov. 8, 2022 by 5 p.m. EST.

Nomination Form


Guardians for Good Award Process

The HelpLine leadership team make the selection based on nominations from agency staff members who will provide a brief narrative describing the qualifying characteristics of the candidate complete with examples of their service. The award may be given to more than one individual or group, and the decision is final. 

Purpose of Award:

  • Recognize everyday champions who embody HelpLine values, and work to cultivate and advance good in the community
  • Celebrate significant achievements and progress toward the HelpLine vision through the donor lens
  • Reinforces appreciation for donor activity and giving
  • Build community and culture of recognition among our donors 

Selection Criteria:

  • Existing Guardian (volunteer, financial, or Board)
  • Significant contribution toward achievement of the HelpLine mission
  • Nomination received by expressed annual deadline

Previous Winners:


  • Katherine Gharrity
  • Margie West
  • Russell Walker
  • Women Giving Together: Delaware County
  • United Way of Delaware County Ohio


  • Delaware African American Heritage Council
  • Delaware General Health District
  • Family Promise
  • George Needham
  • Michael Schnell
  • Second Ward Community Center 
  • Susan Hanson


























About Guardians for Good

Guardians for Good is a HelpLine community that is open to anyone who supports HelpLine through sponsorship, service or social activism within our seven-county service territory. Learn more here


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