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May is Mental Health Month: HelpLine Works to Eradicate Stigma Around Mental Illness

Do any of the following questions sound familiar to you? Why do people choose to be depressed? Why can’t they just snap out of it? If someone is suicidal, they’re just a coward. They just act that way for attention. The statements and ideas above are false. These are examples of the m
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Change is Hope

What does change mean to you? Is it something we fear, something that holds the promise of a better tomorrow, or both? On Saturday, September 6, members of Delaware County and surrounding communities will come together for the Fourth Annual Suicide Prevention Walk with the purpose of
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Saturday is International Survivors of Suicide Day – Strength and Hope

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.                                                                                                   — Helen Keller This upcoming Saturday, November 23rd marks the 15th Annual International Survivors
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