In This Together










Dear Friends of HelpLine,

For 50 years, HelpLine has been committed to supporting and connecting the communities we serve to help and hope. Our core values state our belief in inclusion and affirming the value and voice of all people in building healthier futures. Our mission is dedicated to strengthening emotional health and wellness and creating access to critical community resources.

To fulfill that promise, we have a responsibility to address the disparities rooted in racism and oppression destroying and traumatizing Black lives. We commit to begin to do this in deeper and more meaningful ways by providing opportunities to recognize and address our own biases and ingrained prejudices, and giving more space for ongoing and meaningful dialogue that will create real and lasting change.

We appeal to our partner agencies to join us in declaring racism a public health crisis in the State of Ohio. And we urge those of us who have stayed silent for too long to acknowledge our part in perpetuating an unjust system.

To all those who are standing together in unity and strength to send the message “enough,” we support you. We stand with you.

In solidarity,




Susan Hanson
Executive Director