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2019 Girls Supporting Girls Conference


Event Details
Saturday, June 15, 2019
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Recreation Unlimited
7700 Piper Road
Ashley, OH 43003

What is the TGIF Girls Supporting Girls Conference?
Bold. Beautiful. Brilliant. These are the characteristics we want attendees to hone in on at the 2019 TGIF Girls Supporting Girls Conference. This confidence-boosting event is a day for middle and high schools girls (ages 12 to 18) throughout Delaware and Morrow counties to socialize and engage through skill-building and self-care activities that will leave them inspired, motivated and encouraged to be their best selves. This year’s theme, Journey to You, will be a day of discovery as you take an empowering trip with stops along the way to self-love and inner beauty. You will also collect tools along the way that will help you navigate life’s obstacles and emotions, as you gain the ability to begin with the end in mind.

What to Expect at the GSG Conference

  • Age specific skills-building activities and workshops
  • Inspiring keynote speaker
  • Thought-provoking educational tracks for middle and high school girls
  • Leadership opportunities for teen girls interested in leading activities for the day
  • Event swag designed with girls in mind
  • Nutritious continental breakfast and lunch
  • A whole lotta’ fun!






GSG Conference Tracks

TGIF Girls Supporting Girls Conference will feature activities and experiences for both middle and high school girls. All participants will start the day off with an inspirational keynote address and move into a media analysis and discussion of clips from the movie Miss Representation – teaching girls they are worth more than what media portrays. High School students will learn skill building techniques and be able to critically review and critique the images that bombard us daily. Middle School girls will learn how to identify, recognize, and define different images and examine what the underlying nuanced images teach us. From there, the girls will continue on separate tracks in which all programming, activities and discussions will be age specific and appropriate. Essentially the middle school track is identifying and defining, while the high school track will implement and apply.


Girls within this track will learn tools and techniques to help identify and find healthy friendships, how to recognize relational aggression, and how to stand up and support each other!  Middle school can be a tumultuous and challenging time for many middle school girls and we need to build each other up, build confidence and healthy friendships. This track will help introduce the importance of inclusivity and character building.  





Girls within this track will follow similar lessons but their skill building will be on a higher level and there will be opportunities for leadership roles.  High School girls will be talking about how they continue to find their confidence, what helps to build and sustain their confidence and finding the courage to use their voice.  High school students will also have the opportunity to examine friendships they’ve had and then teaching the younger girls about how to recognize healthy and unhealthy friendships. And what to do with friendship conflicts and problems. 



Middle and high school girls will end the day in self-care stations and learning about coping skills. Next up is the “I see your strengths” activity which will lead into the final facilitated discussion about how to support other girls throughout the school year. Sharing is highly encouraged and high school youth leaders will act as role models and mentors, while building public speaking and leadership skills during this session.

Keynote Speaker 

The 2019 GSG Keynote Speaker will be announced soon! 

Conference Questions
Contact HelpLine Prevention Manager Amy Hawthorne at
or 740.363.1835, ext. 101