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HelpLine Giving Guide: We Rise By Lifting Others

HelpLine works everyday to connect people to knowledge, resources and support. We link people who are at high risk of suicide to life-saving services. We help teens identify healthy relationship boundaries. We advocate for survivors of sexual assault, helping them find resources, hope and healing. Each day, we have a responsibility and get the opportunity to make life better.  Below are ways to help your compassion take flight. Help us lift others and make a tax-deductible donation today.  

$10 funds an emergency food bag for a hungry
family after hours and weekends when
food pantries are closed.

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$25 ensures a volunteer advocate is sent to the
hospital to help a victim heal from an assault.

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$50 builds self-esteem for a middle school girl by 
engaging her in the anti-bullying program
Thank Goodness I’m Female (TGIF).

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$75 links a person in emotional distress to
emergency mental health services.
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$80 Lodges a family for one night of emergency shelter.

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$100 ensures someone at risk of suicide receives
follow-up care following an emergency room visit.
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$125 trains a sexual assault volunteer advocate
to support a survivor in crisis. 

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$150 funds 10 volunteers to perform chores for
older adults during Make A Difference Day.

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$175 educates and screens one class of 20 high
school students about preventing suicide and
identifies those at risk, linking them to life-saving help.
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$275 provides 10 support group sessions to one
survivor of suicide, someone who has lost a
loved one to suicide and is not at higher risk
to die by suicide.
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$350 funds a volunteer project making blankets
for foster children by older adults in a
senior living complex.
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$500 rescues a person who is at high risk of
suicide and needs help and ongoing support.
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Want to set up a recurring donation for a different amount? Contact us at 740.363.1835 or email shanson@helplinedelmor.org and we’ll set it up for you!

  All donations are tax deductible and go to support the programs and services we provide in the Delaware and Morrow County communities.
Be sure and check to see if your company has a program to match your donation!


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