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Mental Health Awareness Week! (Part 2/3)

Mental Health Awareness Week, May 11 – 15, the Delaware Suicide Prevention Coalition hosted tables in Hayes High School and Buckeye Valley Middle School with daily challenges for the students. The point of this week was to stress important coping skills for when things get tough, and

Charleston Tragedy

As we as social service agencies seek to become more culturally competent and inclusive to better serve our communities, part of the challenge is addressing the underlying biases and unfortunately, sometimes hatred that can turn into violence.  Our thoughts are with all those impacted

Fifth Annual Suicide Prevention Walk – September 12, 2015

Fifth Annual Suicide Prevention Walk Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015 10:00 a.m. — 12:00pm *Register in-person at 9:30 *Participant and Volunteer registration available July 1st at Join us for a one-mile walk through historic, downtown Delaware to raise awareness about

Mental Health Awareness Week! (Part 1/3)

How much attention do you devote to your state of mind? How much do you think mental health, good or bad, can affect our everyday lives? Can you see yourself making a positive influence on your community through friends, family, or even strangers? These are the questions the Delaware

HelpLine and Delaware Suicide Prevention Coalition Celebrate First Friday of the Month in Downtown Delaware

I “moustache” you…what gives your life purpose? HelpLine of Delaware and Morrow Counties (HelpLine) and the Delaware Suicide Prevention Coalition (DSPC) are dedicated to community involvement and education. On Friday, May 1st, DSPC staffed a table at the first Friday of the month even

Overcoming: A series exploring the journey toward healing and self-discovery – Pt. 1

Part 1 of 3:  By Audia Fraley For those that have suffered from suicide loss, the experience of grief may feel like a block of heavy and unforgiving concrete.   After some time, it may even become difficult to envision a life without grief.   The grief process is often tremendously di